William Ablett

William Ablett was born on July 9th, 1877 in Paris to English parents. Between 1900 and 1910 his work in oils was regularly seen in major salons and exhibitions. He began creating etchings in the boudoir style around 1922, but unfortunately his career ended in 1930. His interpretation of the modern French woman became the hallmark of the “Boudoir” style of art. He had a unique ability to merge his vision of the free-spirited woman, and he combined it with a very precise technical skill. This combination proved quite strong for creating a wide range of quality etchings.

Sadly, he was killed in a car accident on April 24, 1936, cutting short his career at it’s peak. His etchings rarely come to market, but collectors always seem to be on-hand to bid on them when they do. His career as an illustrator for major french fashion magazines should not be overlooked, since his artwork often graced the covers. Reproductions of his work can be found through many popular online outlets, although usually in poster form. Some of his work can even be found for sale as limited edition giclees in various sizes. His artwork is not as recognized as that of Louis Icart, however, he is considered a major artist in the boudoir art genre. It appears as if his etchings have been increasing in value as the years go by.