Jean Hardy

It is possible that Jean hardy created more images in the boudoir style than any other artist of the period. In fact, for decades most scholars believed that the name “Jean Hardy” was simply a pseudonym for dozens of staff artists at a single company. Early records indicate his fame with his contemporaries, and he exhibited at many salons. Little is known about him including his birthplace, age, or birth date, but his impact on the genre was staggering. Even today his work can be found at auctions and antique shops the world over. His work is widely reproduced as posters and through the giclee processes, adding to the body of his work available. He is known as one of the few boudoir artists who created etchings that were simple portraits.

Etchings by Jean Hardy are unknown past the mid 1930’s, although the final date of production is a matter of speculation. Collector interest for his work in the current market is considered high and growing.