Louis Icart: The Fashion Period (1910-1915)

The “Fashion Period” etchings of Louis Icart began somewhere in 1910, and ran until 1915 when he began serving in the military. These include his earliest known works, originally created as a way to showcase his talents. The goal was not as much to sell etchings, but rather to get commissions in french fashion magazines. As such, they tended to showcase the outfits rather than the models. It is rare to find anything in the background to detract from the subject. Occasionally the images include animals such as dogs, cats, butterflies, or birds.

He created very small editions, usually no more than 100 works before the destruction of the plates. Icart used several different publishing companies during this time. No known catalog exists of his early works, and because of this, new discoveries occur regularly. Collectors actively seek out these early and rare pieces, and as such they can command very high prices.